Company Policies

Whistle-blowing Policy

“Whistleblowing” refers to the reporting or passing on of information (Report or Reports) by employees or stakeholders of suspected misconduct, malpractice, illegal acts or failure to act of Directors, officers, employees or any other persons in relation to the business, dealings, activities, operations, and other actions within, relating to, or undertaken by the Company.

To be covered by the Whistleblowing Policy, an employee or stakeholder making a Report, must act in the public interest and reasonably believe that the acts reported constitute a criminal offence, failure to comply with an obligation set out in law, endangerment of lives or property, covering up any wrongdoing or other similar acts of malfeasance or misfeasance which directly or indirectly affect the Corporation, its business, as well as it shareholders and stakeholders. (Amended Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Sec. 11)

Conflict of Interest Policy

Employees have a duty of loyalty to the Company and are therefore expected to always act in the Company’s best interests. A conflict arises when the personal interests or activities of an employee influence or have the potential to influence the exercise of his or her judgment in the performance of his or her duties. Conflicts of interest and even the appearance of a conflict of interest may compromise the Company’s reputation and must be avoided.

Nevertheless, the Company also respects its employees' right to privacy in their personal activities and financial affairs. It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that his or her personal conduct complies with the following principles and make the proper disclosures, whenever applicable, to allow the Company to determine and address conflicts of interests’ issues. (Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Sec. 4)

Insider Trading Policy

The Company is committed to protecting security holder investments and expects all employees to comply with the applicable reporting obligations and trading restrictions imposed by the Company, the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Philippine Stock Exchange. Employees who are in possession of material information about the Company must not trade in securities of the Company until such information is generally and publicly available. Providing inside information to others who then trade on it is also strictly prohibited. Employees should make themselves familiar with the Corporation's Trading and Disclosure Policies. (Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Sec. 10)

Related Party Transaction Policy

The Board of Directors is mandated to formulate and implement policies and procedures that would ensure the integrity and transparency of related party transactions between and among the Corporation, joint ventures, subsidiaries, associates, affiliates, major shareholders, officers and directors, including their spouses, children and dependent siblings and parents, and of interlocking director relationships by members of the Board;

Possible and actual conflicts of interest between the Company and the Board and Management must be identified in all transactions and contracts entered into by the Company. In case such exists and it is determined that the contract or transaction is vital or beneficial the Company, the approval process must be in consonance with certain standards on Related Party Transactions.

The Company recognizes that Related Party Transactions can present potential or actual conflicts of interest and may raise questions about whether such transactions are consistent with the Company’s and its stockholders’ best interests. Policies mandating the review and approval of Related Party Transactions should be adopted in order to set forth the procedures under which certain transactions must be reviewed and approved or ratified.(Amended Corporate Governance Manual Sec. 11)

Policy and Data relating to health, safety and welfare of employees, including company sponsored trainings

The Company values the diversity of its employees, customers and suppliers and is committed to providing equal treatment in all aspects of the business. Abusive, harassing or offensive conduct is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical, visual or otherwise. The Company will not tolerate any conduct that is discriminatory or harassing or which otherwise compromises an individual's human rights.

The Company complies with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations as part of its commitment to providing its employees with a safe and healthy work environment. In this regard, employees are expected to work in a safe manner with due regard for their personal safety as well as that of their co-workers.(Code of Business Conduct Sec. 2)